Toulouse, the fourth largest city in France, is known as the “pink city” because so many  of its buildings are built of rose- coloured brick. Today a major industrial city, it still maintains a large medieval core with many attractive historical buildings and short interwoven streets and lanes. Manoeuvring all those narrow one-way streets takes time, but several large parking structures help to relieve congestion. The downtown also houses a large, 100,000-student, university. Toulouse is now served directly from Montréal by Air Transat. Our visit consisted mainly of wandering through the old city and touring the St- Sernin basilica, built between 1080 and 1500, a truly amazing Romanesque structure with lovely relics, some given by Charlemagne. The GoogleMap image was taken on market day. We also visited the Airbus factory (35,000 employees) to see the construction of the new A380 (no photos allowed). Later that afternoon we walked through some parks south of the downtown core. The city deserved more time than we had available to be seen properly. SAINT-SERNIN Côte Vermeille Les orgues Arcachon Bordeaux Boats & stuff Rocamadour Selected images Toulouse Home TechInfo St-Cyprien