BERGERAC ROCAMADOUR Leaving St-Émilion we headed east toward the small city of Bergerac for our next overnight. Sunday morning we discovered we couldn’t leave due to the local annual marathon, with some 500 runners. It gave us a chance to look around the old town while dodging the runners. After a pleasant drive beside rivers and into increasingly mountainous terrain we eventually arrived at Rocamadour, a pilgrimage site from the Middle Ages. Perched some 300 metres above the valley floor its origins are uncertain but parts of the sanctuary date to the 11th century. Among its many myths is the claim that Roland passed through and left his sword. The area has been popularized through literature since the 19th century. Hélène and I lost each other here and only she visited the actual site. Côte Vermeille Les orgues Arcachon Bordeaux Boats & stuff Rocamadour Selected images Toulouse Home TechInfo St-Cyprien